Monday, November 19, 2012

Everyday Ruralty

1) Mmm, my favorite Thanksgiving side dish.. That's a tough one! Sweet Potato Casserole is delicious. 
2) Definitely drink water!!
3) People watching is very entertaining, it's funny to see the things people do in public. 
4) If we had a family get together it would most likely be at our house, being one of eleven children. We like to get together every once in a while to catch up and spend time with each other. 
5) Thanksgiving day plans would be, watching the parade while cleaning and getting ready for everyone to come over. This year we will be having everyone over, in-laws and all! It's going to be an awesome day. 

This past weekends craft show was a big hit!
So many people were there, it was fantastic. The newest items were the first to sell, I will be sure to make extras next time. The headbands, new rosette clips, small flower clips, everything was awesome. 
The weather was perfect for the show, not too hot and not too cold. Scarves and hats were a big seller for this weather. 

This past week I went and registered for Spring classes. Super excited for those to start. 
I'm loving my classes now, they're not easy but they're not too hard at the same time. 
This morning I received information about a few of the colleges I want to attend, I can't wait for college.
I should be getting my Driver's License soon! I am very excited about that, I'll be able to drive myself to school, work, soccer and wherever else, it's going to be fantastic. 
It will be a big responsibility, but I can do it! 


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Happy Thanksgiving to all!

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